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Hook Mechanics Exemplified by Nonito Donaire

From Coach Elton Wells: Last night we worked on mechanics of the hook. A great example in modern boxing is Nonito Donaire, a Filipino boxer who's known for his left hook. First take a look at the video below which shows his hook in slow motion from multiple angles, then take a look at this clip from Instagram from another fight in full-speed. In particular look for some of the points we worked last night.

  • Hook elongates for the range, not pulled in tight.
  • Hook travels in ovular trajectory, not circular.
  • Arc tightens at contact point, creating acceleration (centripetal force).
  • Hook follows through the target, does not stop at target.
  • Ending elbow/hip position, which transfers weight into the target.
Manipulating Position in Clinch

From Coach Jason Webster: Here is a fight that displays some of the elements of Saturday's Muay Thai clinch class where we worked on using the hands and arms to manipulate your opponent's position. Both of these fighters were elite class and had been stadium champions. Oley (red), who passed away recently, had an inimitable style with complex footwork and a disarmingly subtle laid back presence. Chamuakpet was a fierce fighter who, in addition to his stadium standing(s), beat the bejabbers out of a world champ American kickboxer on the Muay Thai show that featured the epic battle between Changpuek Kiatsongrit and Rick Roufus (if you don't know what I'm referencing then it's the cone of shame and 10k kicks for you...).

Watch both fighters mix their punches and clinch with the straight arm tactic of keeping distance and off-balancing their opponent. Notice too how high the arm is kept and its dynamic interplay between offensive pressuring and providing a defensive cover for the opponent's strikes.


* Addendum from Coach Elton Wells: For anyone not familiar with Kiatsongrit vs Roufus, after you finish your 10K kicks check out this excellent Lawrence Kenshin video about it.