Ambush Muay Thai kickboxing schedule and class descriptions.

We have a well-structured curriculum that accommodates students with any level of experience, from a complete beginner to a professional competitor. Our levels of progression are:

  • Level 1 - Foundation: Learn fundamental Muay Thai techniques with no contact, ideal for students who have little or no experience in Muay Thai.
  • Level 2 - Application:  Apply Muay Thai mechanics with light contact and working together with a partner in drills, pad rounds, and clinch work.
  • Level 3 - Competition: Progress with advanced Muay Thai concepts, tactics, and strategy to prepare for competition or help teammates prepare to compete.

To see examples of our training see @AmbushMuayThai on Instagram, and see the Ambush blog for additional content on topics we cover in class. The classes we offer are described below.


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Our on-ramp training is tailored for students who are new to Muay Thai. The first several classes focus on proper fighting stance, footwork, and fundamental punches and kicks.


"Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." - Jim Rohn

Our technique classes focus on teaching the mechanics of Muay Thai and boxing. These classes employ shadowboxing, partner drills, pad drills, and bag work to fine-tune punches, kicks, combinations, and defense.

Pad Work

"First work on good form and later, on speed." - Bruce Lee

Our pad work classes focus on training strikes, combinations, and defense at full speed and power using Thai pads, focus mitts, & kick shields.


"Clinch happens." - Coach Elton

Our clinch classes focus on all aspects of fighting at close-range including position, control, flow, defense, sweeps, and attacking with knees and elbows.


"Turn your sparring into play - but always play seriously." - Bruce Lee

Our sparring classes give students an opportunity to test what they've learned in class, determine which techniques work well for them and which don't, and discover which areas of their practice need additional work.


"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory." - Sun Tzu

Our competition classes are for students who have a strong foundation in Muay Thai. It builds on the fundamentals and focuses more on tactical applications and strategy via partner drills and technical sparring. Competing is not required, but everyone in these classes train like a competitor.


"Repetitio est mater studiorum" (Latin for "repetition is the mother of learning").

Our drills class is light on instruction and heavy on work and repetition. It reviews the content of recent classes and focuses on meticulous practice via shadowboxing, bag rounds, and partner work.