Ambush Muay Thai resources for further study of Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing.


Ambush Resources

  • Ambush Blog: Supplements Ambush Muay Thai classes with articles, videos, and discussion that elaborates on topics that we train in class. See also the blog index page.
  • Ambush Guide to Muay Thai Gear: List and describes all of the gear you will need for Muay Thai training, and provides our recommendations for each piece of gear.
  • @AmbushMuayThai on Instagram: Pictures and videos from Ambush Muay Thai fights, classes, & training in Austin, TX.

Muay Thai Fighters

  • Clinch/Knee Specialists ("Muay Khao")
    • Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn: Undefeated Lumpini champion 1981-1985, tall fighter at 6'2", 1982 "Fighter Of The Year", nicknamed the "Sky-Piercing Knee".
    • Luangsuan Panyuthapum: A dominant champion from the Golden Era out of the Osotsopha camp who was a knee specialist.
    • Petchboonchu Borplaboonchu: (Also known as Petchboonchu FA Group) Considered to be one of the best clinchers, first fighter to ever defeat Saenchai twice in a row, nicknamed the "Deadly Knee of Mekong".
    • Rajasak Sor Vorapin: Great Golden Era Fighter who fought largely with knee attacks.
    • Saen Paranchai: Former Lumpinee Stadium champion, beating highly skilled fighters with a smothering and powerful clinch game.
    • Sagetdao Petpayathai: Former Lumpinee Stadium champion, known for wearing fighters down with attrition via strong clinch and knee fighting.
    • Yodwicha Por Boonsit: (Also known as Yodwicha Khemmuaythaigym) Aggressive Muay Thai fighter, high stamina, 2012 "Fighter Of The Year".

Muay Thai Online

  • Website and blog for Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, who chronicles her life as a western female fighter in Thailand.  Also produces articles and videos of training with some of the best fighters and trainers in Thailand.
  • Damien Trainor: Multiple Muay Thai champion from UK in multiple weight classes, his website has great training tips, fights, and information for Muay Thai fans.
  • Heatrick Strength and Conditioning: Specializes in strength and conditioning specifically for Muay Thai
  • Jack Slack: Combat sports writer/analyst for Vice Fightland, analyzing upcoming fights and breaking down recent current fights. Also check out his website
  • Lawrence Kenshin: Creates breakdowns of historic fights and legendary fighters in martial arts. Also check out his YouTube channel.
  • Muay Thai Athlete: Blog by fighter Paul Banasiak covering Muay Thai, fitness, and fight nutrition.
  • Muay Thai Authority: Up-to-date Muay Thai info with fight events, results, photos, and news.
  • Website by Sean Fagan, providing information on Muay Thai technique, training, nutrition, workouts, etc.  Also check out his podcast and YouTube channel.
  • Muay Thai PROS: Brothers Ben and Stephen live in Phuket and write on fighting, training, technique, and fight breakdowns.
  • Muay Thai Scholar: Website for Aaron Jahn, a pro UK Muay Thai fighter and strength and conditioning coach. His site covers Muay Thai training and Thailand travel.
  • Coverage of Muay Thai news, fights, and technique videos.
  • The Striking Corner: Dedicated to promoting Muay Thai culture, tradition, and lifestyle. Provides an in-depth look at Muay Thai fighters, trainers, and news.