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Langsuan and The Straight Knee

From Coach Jason Webster: Following on today's classes, especially the segments concerning the trajectory of the straight (that is, non-clinch) knee I'm adding this vid for your enjoyment and edification. This match up between Langsuan Panyuthapum and Pongsiri "Rambo" Ruamrudee became an instant classic, so much so that the pair returned to the ring (in their late 40s...circa 2013) due to audience demand.  Langsuan remains one of the best all - around fighters who was, nonetheless, a knee specialist. Fighting out of the Osotsopha camp, Langsuan would go on to become a dominant champion. His opponent Rambo was at the time sort of a people's champion; lacking the raw athleticism of his contemporaries, Rambo won fights, and the crowd, with his never-say-die, blood-and-guts style.

You may become mesmerized early by this fight's pace...for those of you to have dared enter the squared circle will be delighted with and awed at the superhuman pace. As a complement to what I shared in class, notice first Langsuan's continual forward motion. While you will see him reverse to pull Rambo in for a sharp knee, mostly he is surging forward.

Secondly, and most salient viz our class, pay attention to the angle and trajectory of his plentiful straight knees. (Incidentally also take notice of the fluidity of ranges, all of which feature his pistoning knees. One thing that might escape scrutiny, if it weren't for the overpowering number of these type of knees thrown, is the way Langsuan is able to deliver those beautiful knees straight down the pipe while still remaining engaged and or entwined with Rambo's furious fists an arms. How does he do it? Simple. By using that hollow body to both make room and keep contact. Enjoy.

One other side note that might interest Muay Thai aficionados: The fighter who would take the ring name of "Rambah" (also known as Somdet M16) fighting out of Pattaya did so as a play on words (so to speak). The term "bah" in Thai is a slang curse word. Sort of indicating that he was "the crazy Rambo".