Ambush Muay Thai in Austin, TX


We train a competition-based Muay Thai kickboxing program in Austin & San Antonio, TX. Muay Thai, or simply "Thai boxing", is a martial art that utilizes not only the punches and kicks of boxing and kickboxing, but also strikes with knees and elbows as well as close-range clinch fighting. We offer a variety of classes that teach all of these skills in a welcoming and community-focused environment. Here are some things that make Ambush Muay Thai unique:

  • Curriculum. We have well-structured and progressive classes, including:
    • Level 1 - Foundation: Learn essential Thai boxing technique and mechanics with no contact, ideal for people who are new to Muay Thai.
    • Level 2 - Application: Apply fundamental techniques live with light contact via partner drills, pad rounds, and clinch work.
    • Level 3 - Competition: Progress with advanced concepts that will enable you to win in competition or help teammates prepare to compete.
  • Community. We are not just a class or a program, we are a team and a family. We learn together, we grow together, we excel together. Everyone supports each other and helps each other improve.
  • Competition. We compete regularly in Muay Thai events and tournaments, both locally and nationally. Not everyone competes, but everyone trains like a competitor and contributes to the team's success. Our program has produced numerous champions in Muay Thai and MMA, several of whom started at Ambush Muay Thai with no previous experience.
  • Sparring. We have a weekly dedicated sparring class for students of all levels to test their skills in a live but controlled and cooperative environment.
  • Clinch Work. We have weekly clinch classes dedicated entirely to close-range stand-up fighting, one of the most important yet neglected aspects of kickboxing and MMA.
  • MMA. We provide striking training for MMA and have trained MMA competitors in every major organization including UFC, Bellator, ONE FC, Strikeforce, and Legacy.


(* In the wild the tiger is generally a solitary animal. However, when confined by the unnatural constraints of civilization tigers are known to band together into a group collectively referred to as an 'ambush'.)