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Pete Stanonik Wins at LFA 23

Teammate Pete Stanonik won his MMA fight on LFA 23 with a 2nd round KO! Pat Miletich said of Pete "Stanonik throws heat with every single technique" and "there is no holding back, he is not throwing to score points, he's throwing to do damage every single time." Congrats to Pete, we are very proud of him for exemplifying the hard-hitting, fight-finishing style that we train in Team Ambush.

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Boone Blair Wins At Strike League 2

Teammate Boone Blair won his pro MMA debut at Strike League 2 in Austin, TX! It was a standup fight with Boone controlling the cage, pressing the attacking, and countering. The end came with a right-hand counter in round 1 finishing with ground-and-pound for the 1st round KO finish.  Congrats to Boone.

Jon Leal Wins at Belts of Honorious 13

On April 30, 2016 Team Ambush fighter Jon Leal fought on the Belts of Honorious 13 MMA card. For all 3 rounds Jon controlled the fight both standing and on the ground and earned the unanimous decision. Congrats to Jon for all the hard work he's put in to improve this year and for getting the win!