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Hook Mechanics Exemplified by Nonito Donaire

From Coach Elton Wells: Last night we worked on mechanics of the hook. A great example in modern boxing is Nonito Donaire, a Filipino boxer who's known for his left hook. First take a look at the video below which shows his hook in slow motion from multiple angles, then take a look at this clip from Instagram from another fight in full-speed. In particular look for some of the points we worked last night.

  • Hook elongates for the range, not pulled in tight.
  • Hook travels in ovular trajectory, not circular.
  • Arc tightens at contact point, creating acceleration (centripetal force).
  • Hook follows through the target, does not stop at target.
  • Ending elbow/hip position, which transfers weight into the target.
GGG and the Descending Hook

Here's a good clip of GGG finishing a fight with a descending lead hook, similar to what we worked in Saturday's class. We will be working more on these ascending/descending punch combinations in this week's classes.

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1/9/2015 Class: Punching at Ascending and Descending angles

Awesome Saturday training today, working on punching at ascending and descending angles, along with some old school conditioning.


Muay Thai Class 1/09/2016
Awesome Saturday training today, working on punching at ascending and descending angles, along with some old school conditioning. We will work on this more in the Thursday class this week. #muaythai #boxing #mma #martialarts #sntgtak
Posted by Ambush Muay Thai on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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Ricky Hatton and body punching

Tonight in class we were working on different ways of setting up and applying the lead hook to the body.  Check out former boxing champ and great body puncher Ricky Hatton talk about he throws body shots.

Also check out this other video at 3:21 to see Ricky demonstrate a variation of the slide/pivot body hook setup that we worked at the end of class.

Nonito Donaire's left hook

Nonito Donaire is another great boxer who is known for having an incredible lead hook.  This video is a good demonstration of it, super slow motion from multiple angles.  Again look for the mechanics that we worked in class this week, including the elbow follow-through, shift in weight, and trajectory.

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Felix Trinidad's left hook

Felix Trinidad was a great boxer who was known for having a monstrous lead hook.  Watch the hooks that he throws in this highlight and keep an eye out for the mechanics we worked in class tonight, including the arc throughout the punch, the elbow follow-through, and the trajectory toward the opposite shoulder.

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